About Us

Electra Networks was formed by a group of highly experienced telecommunication professionals with a common goal of delivering high quality and cost effective solutions within the IT & Telecommunication sectors.

Partnering and Supporting our Customers and Suppliers
By working closely with our customers, partners and suppliers, with a view to building long-term mutually beneficial relationships, we manage organic and sustainable growth.

Our growth is developed and nurtured from within an environment of continuous improvement; where Electra recognises that investing in their greatest asset, its employee’s and by building on our current success rate allows us to continue with the delivery of high quality services which has resulted in the promotion of “Electra Networks” as a recognised and trusted brand within our field. Our highly versatile teams possess a wide range of qualifications starting from CCNA level to CCIE and equivalents in respective fields. This array of skills and qualifications allows us to tackle customer requirements no matter how big or small.

Electra Networks meets the challenges of technological advances and convergence of networks, by providing customer-focused solutions to meet their specific needs whist ensuring customer satisfaction.