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Electra Networks to Offer Sierra Wireless AirLink Product Lines

Electra Networks is pleased to announce that they will now be offering the Sierra Wireless AirLink 3G and 4G LTE gateway and router solutions. Expanding the company’s portfolio to include products from one of the global leaders in wide area wireless networking, the addition will introduce vehicle, enterprise and industrial networking capabilities.

Sierra Wireless has been delivering secure, manageable, high performance cellular networking for mission- and business-critical applications for over 20 years. Their solutions enable organisations to speed time to deployment, while ensuring secure connectivity, and are also cloud-managed for simplified remote network monitoring and management. Across their business, Sierra Wireless has demonstrated their success by:

  • Shipping more than 120 million M2M devices worldwide and 3 million AirLink gateways and routers
  • Operating on more than 80 networks globally
  • Having introduced the world’s first LTE devices
  • Owning over 400 patents in wireless technologies
  • Investing over $75 million annually in research and development

The Electra Network remote management portfolio is a range of  real-time communications web accessible platforms which can: capture, manage, monitor  and display live data from multiple sources on a single screen via industry leading the Sensorium™ software portal, regardless of the protocol or data format of the source information.

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